someone who is very very stingy, generally a mutual friend that has little respect from others.
"Jim went to the bar to get us drinks last night and I gave him 5 bucks and when he returned he asked me for the extra 10 cents.....what a cheap ass"
by Trez_City December 12, 2006
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One who helps him/her self to anything that someone else paid for and hides everything he/she bought.

Example; Invited to a dinner, eats more than their share and don't mind going back and taking the last serving or ask if they can take the rest home with them.

Staying with someone for a few days or weeks. Use the Hosts toiletries when they have their own.

Comes up with a cock-mania story about their vehicle and ask to use yours. Burns out the gas and does NOT replace it.

When you finally see you are being taken advantage of, you stop making things available for them. Then they start calling you a "tight ass".
Cheap ass ass tight
by Shineon August 17, 2013
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Often confused with "financially responsible" by stupid materialistic people who are extremely irresponsible with money, are likely in shitloads of debt, and have rich parents to sponge off of.

Examples of Cheap Asses:
Washing and re-using things such as paper towels, glad bags, trash bags, disposable razors, other disposables etc.....
Buying a beat up $400 clunker and driving it for 20+ years
Buying that wimpy single-ply butthole scraping dingleberry making sand paper, because it cost a whole dollar less than normal TP.
Stealing all the napkins, sporks, and ketchup packets from a fast food restaurant to take home.
Using the same tea bag/coffee filter for months at a time.
Showing up to a BYOB party with a 4 pack of steel reserve (or some other foul ass cheap beer typically consumed by alcoholics), bumming the good beers from friends all night, and leaving with said 4-pack.
Constantly "forgetting" wallet to get out of paying restaurant bills when eating out with friends.
Not tipping the waitress, even though the service and meal was satisfactory.
Moron: "Why can't you borrow me $5200 so I can pay off my credit card bills and support my gambling addiction? You're such a cheap ass!"
Financially responsible "cheap ass": "I won't borrow you any of my hard earned money because you'll probably end up blowing it some stupid useless shit you saw on TV, like a designer anal massager, instead of putting it towards your credit card bill anyway. Since you're unable to pay your bill, how can I trust that you'll even pay me back? Can't you get your daddy to pay it off, since he's loaded?"
Moron: "Nope, my cheap ass daddy finally got tired of my bullshit and cut me off."
Financially responsible "cheap ass": *palms forehead*
by A WHITE GUY June 14, 2017
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A cheap ass is a boss who drinks expensive wine at the dinner table but at work can't pay you for travel time.
I worked as a landscaper in fort st john bc and she was a cheap ass, I had a boss last summer who drank expensive wines at the dinner table. But when I asked for travel time owings she wouldn't pay me. just TREEMENDOUS

by screwed over January 10, 2007
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One who cannot afford to drive himself to work.
Alan Lam's mom is a cheap-ass ho
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
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Noun - you know who they are:
- cheap
- generally unappreciative
- assholes
- they never carry cash
- barely have credit cards
- consistantly 'lose' wallets when it's time to pay
- rely on the good will of people for food/cloths/anything

they never have anything or even try to repay you. cheap ass mooch jneen jtorched user loser
motherlicker - Let's pop by cluck up for dinner.

c.a.m - Dang, I left my wallet at home. Can you spot me?

motherlicker - Goddammit, jim! You are such a cheap ass mooch!
by ssatanica April 11, 2009
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A GUY who finds no shame in exploiting his financial situation to receive maximum benefit from co-workers and hard working businesses. This individual also blatantly steals from hard working business but always finds a self justified reason that makes it okay.
Dude, are you seriously taking a doggy bag from a chinese buffet? Didn't you eat enough?

What? I paid to eat all I can.

You're such a cheap ass GUY.
by cadillac lounge August 16, 2011
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