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A noun or adjective of someone who is a user, liar, and likes to take advantage of others or a situation. jneen jtorched motherlicker user fake ass mooch
DeJuan - Management said we couldn't get a raise because of the economy.
Celeste - I heard that biotch, Jneen-blow got a raise.
DeJuan - How did that fake ass bitch get a raise?
Celeste - They call her Jneen-blow for a reason....
by ssatanica April 10, 2009

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The act of stalking friends/foes on Facebook to see what they are up to. This varies from viewing profiles infrequently to full on stalkage of the Norman Bates kind. Helpful when you want to see what your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, ho and frienemies are up to.
Sabrina S. - Hey girl, why are you bummed?
Step - I went on Facebook and saw that Billy Bob's profile changed, he's in a relationship with that ho Jneen.
Sabrina - You need to chill the fuck out, and quit Facebook Stalking, damn.
by ssatanica April 07, 2009

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Verb - similiar to being retarded but thinks with their penis... hence the ptardedness. retarded dumb ass jtorched jneen midgets clowns jocks
Getting head from that skanky ho was really ptarded of you.
by ssatanica April 08, 2009

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Noun - you know who they are:
- cheap
- generally unappreciative
- assholes
- they never carry cash
- barely have credit cards
- consistantly 'lose' wallets when it's time to pay
- rely on the good will of people for food/cloths/anything

they never have anything or even try to repay you. cheap ass mooch jneen jtorched user loser
motherlicker - Let's pop by cluck up for dinner.

c.a.m - Dang, I left my wallet at home. Can you spot me?

motherlicker - Goddammit, jim! You are such a cheap ass mooch!
by ssatanica April 10, 2009

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