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Restaurant that serves a variety of food for you to gorge on. Such items include Crab rangoon, Chicken on a stick, General tso's chicken, moo goo gai pan, seafood surprise, and botulism on the half shell.
Food may be tasty at the time but will cause explosive diarrhea 20 minutes after you eat.
Boy I sure pigged out at the chinese buffet, and now i have diarrhea so bad I can poop thru a keyhole at 30 yards.
by David W February 08, 2005
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The guy fucks a girl in the ass. Then she gives the guy oral sex. thats the Chinese Buffet :)
Well its not as bad as eating a black dog.
have sex in the ass then have oral sex. thats the chinese buffet!
by Bonnie&Clyde2142 December 21, 2010
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While having intercourse with your partner, you tell your parter that you will not fornicate unless you can put a spring roll up her. If she agrees, you take a large spring roll (not duck; preferably vegetable) and put it all inside her, pulling out the bean sprouts (one at a time).

Mandy wanted to have sex with Kevin, but he would not let her without having a Chinese Buffet first.

While Barry enjoyed the buffet, the bean sprouts were somewhat off-putting.
by Neville544444 April 23, 2009
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