Restaurant that serves a variety of food for you to gorge on. Such items include Crab rangoon, Chicken on a stick, General tso's chicken, moo goo gai pan, seafood surprise, and botulism on the half shell.
Food may be tasty at the time but will cause explosive diarrhea 20 minutes after you eat.
Boy I sure pigged out at the chinese buffet, and now i have diarrhea so bad I can poop thru a keyhole at 30 yards.
by David W February 9, 2005
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The guy fucks a girl in the ass. Then she gives the guy oral sex. thats the Chinese Buffet :)
Well its not as bad as eating a black dog.
have sex in the ass then have oral sex. thats the chinese buffet!
by Bonnie&Clyde2142 December 22, 2010
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While having intercourse with your partner, you tell your parter that you will not fornicate unless you can put a spring roll up her. If she agrees, you take a large spring roll (not duck; preferably vegetable) and put it all inside her, pulling out the bean sprouts (one at a time).

Mandy wanted to have sex with Kevin, but he would not let her without having a Chinese Buffet first.

While Barry enjoyed the buffet, the bean sprouts were somewhat off-putting.
by Neville544444 April 23, 2009
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A condition associated with all-you-can-eat restaurants where diners wish to get such good value for money that they starve themselves all day in anticipation of being able to indulge in unlimited food. However, as a result of this period of anorexia the stomach shrinks and upon eating aforementioned buffet the stomach feels full in an unusually short amount of time.
Wow, I've only eaten one plate of sweet and sour chicken balls but I've got chinese buffet syndrome, I'm stuffed!
by dude753 December 13, 2010
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loose fitting pants, with elasticized waist band. Made to accommodate for the abdominal expansion that occurs after 2nd and subsequent visits to the all-you-can-eat buffet bar in Chinese (and other) buffet restaurants.
Chinese restaurant waiter: Hey, fat boy, your pants just ripped.... you go home now!
Fat Boy: Drat! Time for some new Chinese buffet pants.... just as soon as I finish this last plateful of remon chicken.
by obracadabra December 14, 2011
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Sometimes valued at over $1 Billion dollars, a magic chinese buffet is one of the most mysterious sights one can behold, as well as the most intriguing to experience. Legend says that the power of this delicious rarity cannot be understood by the majority of mankind. Only a few may ever be tempted with the mystical being who supposedly offers a chosen one the chance to pick a check for one billion dollars, or to be subjected to the majestic, magic chinese buffet. many choose the unbelievable wealth offered, however, only the truly fortuitous and kind at heart will have the opportunity to experience magic in the world over an extrinsic reinforcer such as simple cash.
Magic Chinese Buffet master: Good sir, I now offer you the choice to choose $1 Billion dollars to be all yours, tax-free of course, or the option to experience the only bit of magic you will ever be subjected to in your feeble lifetime.
Steve: There's no doubt in my mind, I want to experience magic, to know that said mystical happenings exist in this world, and of course, to indulge in what is, the Magic Chinese Buffet.
by Steveshiftyshaft January 18, 2011
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Any Fort Collins restaurant causing intense stomach and intestinal distress brought on by over-eating and usually accompanied by hiccoughs, a long walk home, a loss of $12, and followed by diarrhea and vomiting.
It smells like No. 1 Chinese Super Buffet in the bathroom, I almost got the hiccoughs just being in there.
by W.vs.I November 30, 2009
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