Originally growing out of the saying "if I had nickel for every time...", this phrase is used when someone says something retarded, overly sexual, or just fucked up.
Joe: "Billy, if I had 10 cents for every time you said something retarded, Bill Gates would be my sex whore."
10 minutes later, Billy: "I wanna have sex with a giraffe."
Joe: "10 cents, Billy."
by the arji monster December 10, 2010
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A cheap alcoholic slut / and or crack head that will do just about anything for a drink/drugs
First girl: "where's (insert girls name here)?"
Response: "She asked that pool playing guy to buy her a beer-now she's outside giving him head for the beer."
Answer: "Oh God, what a 10 cent Jane!"
by Suzy2que February 19, 2009
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When someone puts a term into simple speech they are using a 10 cent word and usually obfuscating things.
Obfuscating? Way to use a 10 cent word!
by Master Christ St. John June 14, 2006
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10 cent water refers to someones worth
ie: he thinks i am nothing more then 10 cent water.
by brittany2186 November 11, 2006
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10 Cent Skinny - actually is a shorter version of The Skinny. When you’re rushed and have no time, you get the 10 cent skinny version.
Buddy, I got no time, just give me the 10 cent skinny.

I have to leave for work so here’s the 10 cent skinny.
by Empress0807 February 10, 2021
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