The noise you make on the toilet as you drop a particulary urgent turd. The first syllable is the hissed straining noise you make from the back of the throat. The second syllable is the relieved sound as the turd successfully pops out. Generally occurs when you have nearly been caught short and only just made it to the crapper.
I can't stop to talk boys I am touching cloth.....I need to go for a hit...nahhh fast
I'll be round the pub once I've had a shower and a hit...nahhh
by PWD July 5, 2006
14 year old brazilian/puerto rican girl on myspace you should so add her and comment her pics and talk to her.
paris hilton-STEPH nahhh's url is
nicole richy-oh mah gad! she is so pretty im so adding her
by peaceful February 6, 2008
Used by tik toker Bankrolldyl , when someone preferably a “jit” says something crazy or foolish you hit them with “nahhh jit trippin
Jit : “yo bro let’s eat at Arby’s real quick i’m starving”

Me : “Nahhh Jit Trippin !”
by tfhcdghnfyinch August 31, 2021
A lie that people say when trying to say no but they really mean YES OFC
Guy: u like harry
by Toomuchfax March 20, 2021
This is a lie that people make to say no even tho they mean yes
Guy:U like harry
by Toomuchfax March 20, 2021