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Used in New York, a excessive lair, someone who is very good at fronting.
Tim “ Ayo Joe you got a five so I can get me a snack at the bodega ?”
Joe “ Nah, I’m broke”.
Time “You stay scoffing, I seen all that guap on ya story”.
by NYkid718🥵. June 7, 2019
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A word used to greet people instead of saying “ayo”, or “hey” Founded in New York.

Also used for “yes”, and tends to have a ode amount of R’s, ode has in a excessive amount.

The Harlem borough used this term has in a sign that your about to get “lined” ( jumped ) reasons could be that a gang member is trying to prove his statues.
*facetime call goes through* “YERRRR, wyd ?”
“Shaun you got the free?”, he would reply with “yerrrr” if no ones home!

Gang member ”, YERRRR”.
Random guy : “starts running”.
by NYkid718🥵. June 7, 2019
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For one to be serious, used around New York, it would be like saying real talk. If some hits you with “no funny shit” there about to tell the truth.
Tykeis “, no funny shit, my ma died yesterday”.

Marcus”, deadass ?”.
Tykeis “ word 2 !”.
by NYkid718🥵. June 7, 2019
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Typically used in New York, the meaning of it is good, good looking, fitted, etc.
Ayeee son, shawty over their lookin’ firey”.

“My fit today is d.a (deadass) firey”.
by NYkid718🥵. May 18, 2019
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The definition of chat or to be chatting would be 1. To be talking out the side of your neck 2. Pretending, or fronting 3. To be a chatterbox, one who talks a lot. This word is commonly found in New York.
Jordyn “ does Chris really wanna fight, bc he’s big talk ?”.
James “ nada you know him, he stay beastin’ he’s just chatting”
Eric “ Yooo Carter does Kelli really wanna fw me ?”
Carter “ Nah she’s just chatting for clout!”.
Eric “ I knew that skeesh was buggin, she a broad anyways, that’s bodied!”.
by NYkid718🥵. June 7, 2019
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