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Someone who never shuts the hell up. They keep blabbering about random crap that makes no sense
Yo A-Prod, So like i saw my dad today, and he was like this, and he said that i couldnt do that, and then we went to the club, and got buck with another fruitfluffy, and i was like---" "Remmy, shut the HECK UP bro! stop bein such a frickin chatterbox!
by A-Prod October 13, 2010
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A forum in Gaia Online. It is the only forum where people will spam and troll and flame random things. Usually General Discussioners(GD) will be hating the Chatterboxers(CB) because they are not recognized for being random or funny. Only popular people are recognized there and therefore that is why it is very popular.
Ohmygod the Chatterbox is superior to the General Discussion so hard because the kids there are so popular!
by omgilu July 18, 2010
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An annoying person who talks too much and asks random shit questions.
Chatterbox Person: who do you like?
Remember when I was 12?
by theamazinggumball May 30, 2016
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A forum in Gaia Online. It's been given a bad name because spam and all things that don't belong any where else reside in it. Many people wouldn't touch even if they where commanded by Lanzer.

It also come's up in many controversial discussion in other forum's, such as General Discussion and Extended Discussion.

The fact is that it's only given a bad name by idiot's trying to ruin the Gaian experience for many other user's.

It also is use in the lamest flame's ever created, used daily by idiot's who think they are prominent and have only be on Gaia for a 2-3 months. See below for phrase so oftenly used.
"Get to the Chatterbox n00b."
"This belong's in the Chatterbox you stupid fucking idiot."


"I found some really funny shit in the Chatterbox yesterday."
by Duckula May 08, 2005
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A forum in the site Gaia Online. It is filled with little trolls and the 'Do I care?' people. It is filled with contests and pages of threads where you can bump for gold.
Chatterbox is a terrible, terrible area to make friends but is a good way to gain clicks from Dragon Cave sprites.
by MisaTange July 17, 2009
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This chatter box is completely different from the usual annoying, won't shut up person, a chatter box is a 6 or 12 pack of bottled beer inside your car, 'chattering' as you hit bumps in the road.
Brad hits a pot hole in the road, causing the beer the clang around and Rebecca says, " christ, sounds like a damn chatter box back there."
by 1RL March 25, 2010
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