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Also known as "CBers" or "CB regs" from the Gaiaonline Forum, the Chatterbox.

They are well-known people that post regularly in the Chatterbox Forum and are recognizable. They usually are friends with other CB regs and some are in groups of their own

Although, there are some people that are wannabe CBers and when they finally reach what they think is CBer status, they usually act like it matters or that they are superior to everyone else. Also, they only show kindness to other CB regs, hoping it will give them more popularity points.

Over the years, those people have assumed that the following will make you a CBer
- Huge/Tiny font
- Using Pictures in your posting style that are obnoxious and flashy
- Having a Clever and/or Original Username
- Creating random threads over and over and over and never posting once in any of them.
- Acting like a heartless Jackass and pretending you're all that and a bag of chips
- Posting the same picture and text in every thread you stumble across without saying anything about the Thread topic

Yet again, these are only the "wannabe CBers."

Real CBers are as such:
Motion Blur, Stupidity With A Twist,
G I R A F F E S, l2AY, T H R I L L A R Y,
ume x Origami Airplanes, Pandemon, etc.

This is what really makes you a CB reg:
- Post Regularly
- Don't be an annoying moron

Most CBers hate GDers, people who post in the General Discussion forum on Gaiaonline. Both forums have been in heated battle since the beginning but it has gotten worse over the years.
"i wanna b a cber!!!1"
"Name your favorite Chatterboxers, CB!"
"lol the CB PWNZ the GD!"
by Retarzed February 22, 2009
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