A forum on the popular anime roleplay site, Gaia Online. It houses some of the most intelligent people, and some of the dumbest. Mostly, the General Discussion is for those who know the ropes of Gaia Online, and who know how to type with proper grammar. Those exempt to this rule are the more prominent members of General Discussion, because basically it's, to quote one user, "Our fuckin' GD".

The General Discussion also has it's own personal radio show, hosted by the esteemed Erik Ferris, who is, to most in the General Discussion, God in his purest form.
"Woah! That could be a cool, discussable topic! Send it over to the General Discussion."
by Amanda W June 8, 2005
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A forum on gaiaonline.com. These include amazing people, and you become addicted to it and you want to leave so fucking bad but you can't. You either become a "prommie" (like the populars at high school) or a "wannabe prommie" (everyone else at high school). It is filled with sex, scene people, twifags, awesome people, bitchy people, and many other things you didn't think existed.


Take my word for it.

"A common post on General Discussion: OMG UR AN UGLY SKANK BITCH UR SO TRASHY GO KILL URSELF OLOLOLOL.....oh....you're....actually dead....

by Perfects December 9, 2008
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A forum on the popular anime roleplay site, Gaia Online. The GD is inhabited by retards,trolls,faggots,racists,camwhores,weaboos, etc.these people form the shithole that is the GD...Nearly every GDer lacks the basic capabilities to read the Terms of Service or the forum guidelines..they usually get banned on a regular basis..most of the idiots on gaia if not all are GDregs...if you want to seem smart then avoid the GD aka gaia's cesspool
regular shit in the General Discussion
i hate Obama
i got permabanned again
do you like black people?

by crapmonster December 19, 2008
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