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In RPGs and some MMORPgs, is another word for a character that can be in the forefront of the battle and survive the outcome due to sheer evasiveness rather than high armor and health. An example would be the assassin from the pseudo-MMORPG game "Guild Wars", especially in PvP mode.
"OMG, why duz teh PVP 'Sin not die? teh whole team is attacking him... I h8 ninja tanks
by BinaryEmperor July 21, 2008
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The best president the United states of America has ever had. At least in the eyes of major defense contractors, Oil conglomerates, anyone who benefits directly off of illegal under-the-table labor, or to those who live in a wheeled abode.
Bush must have a lot more information than us because I think he found out Osama Bin Laden is hiding in Iraq. What? Nooo... Of course it's not because Saddam Hussein tried to Kill his dad, why would you say that?
by BinaryEmperor July 22, 2008
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The most Popular creature in the Sporepedia.
When Spore comes out I'm going to populate a planet with a bunch of Charles Darwins, and they will evolve into an extremely religious race of creatures who believe that they are the superior race of the galaxy, and will spread the word of SuperGod among the stars.
by BinaryEmperor August 01, 2008
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