an expert in a subject matter, particularly one of high difficulty
Im no botanist, but this car magnet seems more like a refrigerator magnet.
by Jason Masons November 14, 2020
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To describe a person who is good in botany
Brian is so botanistic that he got all botany exams correct.
by canee May 17, 2022
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Some dumbass bitch who likes to look at trees for a living.
That botanist looks at too many trees.
by Robert From Accounting August 5, 2009
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When you rub poison oak, ivy, or sumac on your hands before giving someone a handjob or fingering. Used as a revenge tactic.
Amy realized Joel was cheating, so she did some yardwork and went filthy botanist on him.
by PRIDErunsdeep December 13, 2017
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n. Slang for someone who sells marijuana in an open market, often a metropolitan area.
"Yo yo, you know where I can find an Urban Botanist around here? I need some trees."
by Troy M. December 16, 2005
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