A game being devopled by Maxis(Simcity, Sims) and produced by EA. You start as a simple single-cell organism and evolve into a space-fairing civilization. There are 6 stages to the game.

1.Cell stage
2.Creature stage
3.Tribal stage
4.City stage
5.Civilization stage
6.Space stage

The game is to be released fall 2006, and is expected to be very good.
Wow, Spore looks like it will be very cool.
by derekwashere March 25, 2006
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Stupid People On Rental Equipment. Generally refers to inexperienced people on ski slopes who are likely to injure themselves and/or others; being inexperienced, they typically do not own their own ski's and must use rental equipment.
Woah, looks like BrYan just wrenched his ankle on those rental skis. He really is an example of a spore.
by Derek Exler July 11, 2008
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A widely played game that lets an 8 year-old boy watch their older siblings or relatives make monsters with penises that are at least 10 feet long and then turned into giant monsters that jump and give you a massive tea-bag.

Trust me - I would know.
8yearold: Dude! The only thing I can see is that one's giant penis and I can't see anything!
Person: MORE! MORE! MORE! I love Spore!

by THESMARTANDDUMB January 1, 2009
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A game by the famous Will Write. As I write this it's release date is a year or so away, but it will be sure to rock the gaming world.

For the PC.
OMG Spore is sposed to come out in Fall 2006 you say!?
by Flash Fan August 2, 2005
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This word stands for >> stupid people on rental equipment. It was made after many many stupid manouvers.
Look at that stupid spore heading towards the open water on his snowmobile.

There are seven of the spores on one machine.
by Permafrost November 4, 2004
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EA's biggest disappointment since The Sims.

Spore was made out to be a huge, ground breaking game. But sadly, all the fun of the game is in the creature creator which can be downloaded for free.
Ol' Chap #1: Check out this thing I made in Spore.

Ol' Chap #2: Cool. How does it play?

Ol' Chap #1: I dunno, I don't care enough to play with it. But it looks cool.
by damawesome February 17, 2009
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Epic infectious agent immortalised in the DJ Rubbish song of the same name.
"Crowded and noise and screaming and suddenly it feels like I'm the only one there"

"Thats because you are the only one there.
Your the only one left.
Your the only one with breath left inside your lungs cos everyone else has got SPORES"
by DJ Ashby March 11, 2005
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