im gonna smoke bare weed tonight and im gonna get charged
by steve November 5, 2003
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Nice .. your little tryst recharged stalker boy

Yay ..

How fucking epic ..

Thanks for that ..

Was missing his gloaty little face ..

You’re truly the gift that keeps on giving

Well played ..

Oh that’s me isn’t it?

Delete all your now bullshit pls
Charged .. I never understood what you meant but it’s pretty clear who does .. map makes sense now at least ..
by LetsTalkAboutX March 13, 2023
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Short for sexually charged. Also means horny, aroused, wet. Basically it means that someone is ready for sex or really wants to have sex, or want to masturbate.
"I'm all charged and ready to go!"
"I am so charged that I could just explode in my pants!"
"Dude, she was so charged, I couldn't get her off of me."
by beefood March 26, 2010
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To be really, really drunk. Obnoxiously so, whether amusing or irritating.
"Man, last night you were totally in charge. I'd be surprised if you remember any of it."
by SweetTalker82 October 8, 2009
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Chop us a line of that Charge , Dan.
by Funkinspacecadet January 12, 2006
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When one is at the peak of a cocaine high. Typically used to describe the sense of euphoria and extreme confidence that accompanies cocaine usage.
Man, I've had a couple of lines of charlie and I'm fuckin' charging! I'm Charles in Charge!
by JayCee( July 15, 2005
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slang word used by surfers intending to do something (may or may not be related to surf); somewhat equivalent to "go for it."
person A "I was thinking of surfing at Pipeline today, bro'."
person B "charge, man."
person A "This place is a mess. It'll take two of us to clean it."
person B "Let's just charge on it. It'll be done in no time."
by Lazy Time Waster November 7, 2004
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