Ben: you looking forward to the festival pal?
Darren: sí, proper charged mate.
by Jesussmel1s March 10, 2018
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Q: "how charged are you?"
A: "Im at 80%, but one more shot, I'll be fully charged"

Q: "are you charged?"
A: " fuck yeah, I'm ready to go."
by chargedgirlz June 25, 2017
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Nice .. your little tryst recharged stalker boy

Yay ..

How fucking epic ..

Thanks for that ..

Was missing his gloaty little face ..

You’re truly the gift that keeps on giving

Well played ..

Oh that’s me isn’t it?

Delete all your now bullshit pls
Charged .. I never understood what you meant but it’s pretty clear who does .. map makes sense now at least ..
by LetsTalkAboutX March 13, 2023
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Short for sexually charged. Also means horny, aroused, wet. Basically it means that someone is ready for sex or really wants to have sex, or want to masturbate.
"I'm all charged and ready to go!"
"I am so charged that I could just explode in my pants!"
"Dude, she was so charged, I couldn't get her off of me."
by beefood March 26, 2010
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A common phrase said when something so horrendous, so soul-wrenching, something that causes tremendous harm to ones mental, physical or emotional state happens to a person in ones common vicinity. The phrase is meant to represent and indicate to the recipient to accept the situation and take it on the chin. You can use this in any situation, no matter how severe the incident is.
Ryan: nahhh this guys been commenting bare flirty shit on my crushes tiktoks bro im so finished fam
Josh: ykw fam j charge it

callum: nah imagine my mum died today in a car crash
nate: bro imma be real w u yh? j charge it bro

Adam: imagine i failed all my gcses bro its so long for me im getting shipped back to Ghana bro
Abdullah: bruv be imma be real w u j charge it n hit the trap
by bomboclaaticus August 12, 2022
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take something that’s hard to deal wid.
(firm it)
person 1: my uncle j died
person 2: charge it bredrin😂
by uk bants👩🏾‍🏭. July 19, 2022
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A shorter version of the phrase 'charge it to the game'

To just accept what has happened and move on.
by the legend2772727772777 August 18, 2022
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