When your bangin' your boyfriend and he's about to cum, you scream right in his ear drum Who's in Charge? He submissively says "You are" and you push his face into the pillow, spit on the back of his neck and yell "NO" Charles is in charge!"
I was banging Douglas the other night and yelled "Who's in charge?" He said I was so I pushed his face in to the pillow, spit on the back of his neck and yelled "No,Charles in Charge"

He later sang the "Charge in Charge" theme song while he did the dishes.
by johnsafriend January 27, 2011
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While having anal sex, or doing it doggy style- You scream out "who's in charge, who's in charge?" The receiver will be confused, tighten up, and turn around. At that time you donkey punchyour partner and yell out "Charles in Charge, that's who!"
"We were going at it all night. It was starting to get lame and I couldn't come. I decided to show her whos's in charge of her day's and her night's. Then I went all Charles in Charge on her ass.
by KZubizzle August 7, 2007
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