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A very beautiful girl. Intelligent. Amazing. Trust-worthy. One of the best friends you will ever have. Loves to live life. Has gorgeous eyes and a pretty smile. Wonderful talking skills and fun to be around. Slick comebacks (so watch out). May like to flirt. Doesn't care what people think about her. Loves herself. Just an all-around, good, down-to-earth, beautiful person.
BOY: "Wow did you see Chanice today?"
GIRL: "Yeah. She looks beautiful."

BOY: "Chanice is so fun to be around!"
GIRL: "I know. I love to hang with her."

BOY: "My girlfriend, Chanice, is amazing."
GIRL: "Your lucky to have someone like her."
by Nicole'11 May 22, 2010
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A celebrity free pass is an agreement between you and your significant other that if you meet said celebrity and there is an opportunity to sleep with them, your partner cannot get mad at you for doing so because you had agreed before hand that this person was your celebrity free pass. It is ideal if both of you in the relationship choose a celebrity free pass so that the playing field is even.
Julia met Drake at a bar, and hooked up with him, knowing that her significant other could not be mad at her, because Drake was her celebrity free pass.
by gingerale011 March 25, 2011
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the coolest person youll everrr meet in your lifee.

noooo JOKE niggas.
Dang. did you see chanice. shes sooo cool.
by bakchliva August 14, 2008
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1. the best orgasm ever experienced.
2. a slut, hoe, whore bag who everyone wants a piece of.
3. wants to fuck Lady gaga and Megan Fox
4. COMPLETE shewolf
1. Max: "DUDE! why are you sooo happy Ben?"

Ben: "I just experienced a Chanice..."

Max: "You lucky duck!"

2. Catherine: "Look at that Chanice trying to show of her body like that. she

cannot work her ass like me!"

Rob: "Don't be jealous. You know you want a piece of that"

Catherine: "Your right. I do....."

3. Michael: "I wanna fuck Megan Fox"

Sara: "You are such a Chanice"

4. Mike: "That girl is sooooo awesome"

Ben: "Of course she is, she's a Chanice."
by gangstalove December 28, 2009
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A biscuit and a bobble
Chanice is a biscuit. Eat her like a borboun and don't custard cream. She don't like that shit.
by Ash.ketchup September 06, 2018
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