a marijuana pipe that changes colors when smoked from
dude, we smoked so much my chameleon turned purple!
by Dude June 17, 2006
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Someone that has a lazy eye or some kind of stigmatism that makes one eye go off in another direction than the other eye. Hence, a chameleon.
Jeff was hit in the eye with a baseball early on in his life, turning him into a chameleon. At least he can look at porn and watch if his parents are coming in the driveway at the same time.
by MikeydaV May 20, 2006
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1) a person who is not a loyal individual. a person who talks shit about person a when he/she is in the company of person b and talks shit about person b when he/she is in the company of person a. a person who is superficially a good friend.

2) also can be used to describe actions that are of a disloyal nature.

3) also can be used an exclamation when an action is of a disloyal nature

antonym: cheetah
1) She's always doing things like that behind her so-called friends' backs - she's such a chameleon.

2) She definitely lied...that was so chameleon.

3) (a friend just threw water in your face and you exclaim) "CHAMELEON!!"
by Lucy Blair March 15, 2006
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Chameleon - a person or a thing that can imitate another person or a thing.
My friend Jeanette, who is a mexican can make her self look like a white, asian or even a black person. She is a Chameleon.
by joe1 August 02, 2005
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(v.) to take on the personality of the person you're with at the moment. this is either done subconsciously, or as a sad attempt to make people like you

(n.) a person who chameleons on a regular basis (i.e. they act different for every person they hang out with)
girl 1: you were so hyper when we were hanging out with Pete, what was that about? you were acting just like him
girl 2: i can't help it, i'm a chameleon around guys
by erica10 March 05, 2008
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MK character, introduced in Trilogy, possably of the same race as Reptile, can use one special move from each ninja (i.e. Ermac, Rain, Reptile, Scorpion, and Sub-Zero) except Noob Saibot and Smoke. his outfit changes colors when he uses a special move (for Ermac its called Hado Energy, for Chameleon its called Green Blast, but its the same move, so when you use it, his outfit changes red, if he uses Hellfire Kick (Scorpions move) his out fit goes yellow, and so on). His visible skin is transparent, so you can see its outline, but you can see through it. Not mush is known about his origins, execept that he is possably from the Saurian race. A decent character. 2 out of 5
Chameleon *insert example here*
by Victor James May 24, 2007
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When a girl has sex with a guy while her friend is having sex with another, either in the same room or adjacent ones. The guys then say " Chameleòn!" And the girls switch sex partners
Hey what did you guys do last night?
Me and Ian chameleòned with Hailey and tay
by Gpiggy December 01, 2015
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