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A person who can adapt and fit in to any group or situation and make it work to their advantage. Be it defensive, predatory, or for camaraderie.
Alpha's hate these dude, as they basically do whatever they want and completely get away with it.
by detective john kimble November 13, 2013
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A person who adjusts themselves to fit into whatever happens to be cool at the moment. Includes their appearance, their interests, their opinions, their personalities. often reffered to as 'scenesters' 'try-too-hards' or 'idiots'.
In lieu of the new emo fad, the chameleon bought a pink shirt, tight ball-squeezing jeans, cut his hair emo style, and parted it over the side, covering exactly 1/3 of his face.
by useful idiot March 22, 2006
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(v.) to take on the personality of the person you're with at the moment. this is either done subconsciously, or as a sad attempt to make people like you

(n.) a person who chameleons on a regular basis (i.e. they act different for every person they hang out with)
girl 1: you were so hyper when we were hanging out with Pete, what was that about? you were acting just like him

girl 2: i can't help it, i'm a chameleon around guys
by erica10 March 05, 2008
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A chameleon is a middle-sized reptile that can change colors.
They are rather bizarre-looking, because their eyes can point in different directions.
They are famous for their ability to change their color to match their surroundings, hence the nickname, "Chameleon" given to anyone who changes with what's "Popular".
me: I just saw a chameleon!
friend: oh, they are so lame! they think they have a life but they don't
me: no, I mean the reptile
by musicat November 14, 2010
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Similar to a survivalist, but with several important differences. Chameleons prepare themselves for scenarios in which failure would result in a large loss of life or societal collapse as opposed to survivalists who simply wish to prepare for an apocalypse. They dress in a paramilitary style or are nondescript. Their preparation for emergency situations often makes them the civilians who first respond to medical situations or accidents. Most are concentrated in urban areas where their skills are most likely to be useful.
Before the paramedics arrived, we saw a couple perform CPR on the victim. They both had large backpacks filled with medical supplies and took control of the situation. I think they were Chameleons.
by Kertap September 17, 2008
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a chameleon is a person who constantly changes their personality based on the group of people they are around at the time,trying to blend with their surroundings.
hey that kid was just telling us how metal he is,with his spiked arm bands on,today i seen him cruising by with some rap blastin and his hat to the side...what a fucking chameleon!
by mindlesssk8r876 September 14, 2012
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Slang or short for Chameleon Dope (Chlorine Tablet and Dot-3 Brake Fluid) which is a popular methamphetamine (see Meth) form of flash dope.
Tweaker 1: Man, do you think this dope is any good?

Tweaker 2: Bro, it's turning blue, it's Chameleon!!
by Mr. Sage April 26, 2006
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