Similar to a survivalist, but with several important differences. Chameleons prepare themselves for scenarios in which failure would result in a large loss of life or societal collapse as opposed to survivalists who simply wish to prepare for an apocalypse. They dress in a paramilitary style or are nondescript. Their preparation for emergency situations often makes them the civilians who first respond to medical situations or accidents. Most are concentrated in urban areas where their skills are most likely to be useful.
Before the paramedics arrived, we saw a couple perform CPR on the victim. They both had large backpacks filled with medical supplies and took control of the situation. I think they were Chameleons.
by Kertap September 17, 2008
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Slang or short for Chameleon Dope (Chlorine Tablet and Dot-3 Brake Fluid) which is a popular methamphetamine (see Meth) form of flash dope.
Tweaker 1: Man, do you think this dope is any good?

Tweaker 2: Bro, it's turning blue, it's Chameleon!!
by Mr. Sage April 26, 2006
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A person who blends to a womans desire in order to win her over to fill his lustful desires
You see a girl at the bar who is hot, emo, punk, goth, mexican, cacausian, black, asian, middle-class, upper-middle class, and or rich

You go and sit at the bar next to the lady

You then engage in remote conversation about rich and successful your life is, but make sure to bend a different way to a different pop-culture if you know these won't be applicable

At this point you have to have already figured out what backup intel you need to ensure that your not caught, because she is gonna wanna know your sources.

Make sure not to go under yarns about anything personal or eventful, because 9 times outta 10 she might have an iPhone(come on people now days...Yeah iPhone owner) so make sure to be very vague, but not too vague.

After getting a successful convo in buy her a drink of her choosing.

After engaging in a real heart to heart, you are pretty much on the train to successful Chameleonism, but your not there yet.

Make sure to always contour yourself, and almost resort to mimicry if applicable to keep her talking to you.

Make sure to always dress according to who you wanna pick up the night.
by Audi0sl4v3 April 10, 2010
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A person who adapts quickly to other personalities for survival and stealth. These people find ways to relate and connect to others so they can understand them. Because understanding a variety of people makes the world a less scary place.
"You're such a chameleon, you get along with everybody! I never know which cliché I'll find you in.
by dontbeadouchebro July 11, 2015
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A person, male or female, who has identity problems, causing them to focus on the identity of others (i.e. schoolmates, co-workers, "friends," or other persons somehow involved in said chameleon's life). The focus eventually cues a temporary transformation that leads to the person mimicking another's style, habits, and even vocal patterns.

This is a most frustrating behavior to any true individual, as nothing about one's personality or style can feel "sacred" once a chameleon begins transforming to be just like them.
The girl I work with is such a chameleon!
by casseyCASKET March 30, 2015
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A person who tries to blend in with a certain crowd, usually preps, just to get the satisfaction of being cool. Of course, they are just fooling themselves that they have a life and are at all interesting.
"Dorothy is SUCH a chameleon now...it makes me sick."
by Emma Wilson June 21, 2005
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referring to a female who is pretty sometimes, and sometimes not pretty
Pedro: Crystal was hot yesterday, but today she doesn't look good at all.

Jared: Bro, she's a chameleon.
by Alex December 05, 2004
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