A person that is a bit chubby and a bit chavvy. You'd probably still do it though
"Hey what do you think of the bird over there?"

"Not bad, maybe a bit chabby"
by Normtheslug January 7, 2017
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Cute, funny lovable person who is contagiously lovable
Frangles and Abbles are chabby
by Nignios December 5, 2020
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1. A Dillweed.
2. A wearer of asshats.
If chabby wasnt such an asshat, he would be almost a dick!
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A bad couple name for Charlie and Gabby
Girl: what's our couple name?
Guy: we shouldn't have one.
Girl: I think it should be chabby.
by Canana June 19, 2015
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Chabbi is a glorious adjective describing something cruddy, low quality, wet, slippery, rancid, grubby, overused or anything with a nostalgically dirty feeling.
Yesterday I was at the mall with my mom and there was this greasy ball pit with a half naked toddler eating French fries sitting in it.

It was awfully chabbi
by crudi bebi June 17, 2021
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