The act of making a bowl of cereal inside of a girl's vagina and then proceeding to eat it out. Using a spoon is optional.
Wow, I must have put on at least 3 pounds last night after I continuously cereal bowl'd Ally.
by Sherk June 19, 2014
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Having doggy style sex with a lactating woman and the male reaches around and milks her into a bowl. Once he has enough milk he proceeds to eat cereal (normally cheerios) with the bowl resting on her back while still having sex.
My woman is great! First I find out she's still breastfeeding, then this morning I was late for work but still wanted a piece so she suggested we save time by having me cereal bowl her. It was so sweet I didn't even need to add sugar to it.
by cdnmale1972 December 03, 2010
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Marijuana smoked during morning hours, commonly done immediately after waking up.
Those cereal bowls completely killed my hangover dude.
Marc wake up, I wanna smoke some cereal bowls before class.
by aboutsmokey June 01, 2011
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When you punch someone in the mouth, and knock out some off their teeth then you proceed to ejaculate into their mouths, so when they open their mouth it looks like a cereal bowl. You finish off the deed by saying cheerios as you walk away.
-So what happened with dude last night?
-Well I was fighting him when I finally got in a good punch and knocked him out along with a couple of his teeth, so I proceeded to to give him a cereal bowl.
-Please tell you said Cheerios as you walk away?
-It wouldn't be a cereal bowl if I didn't.
by Bluegoal14 June 26, 2007
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when someone has a concave chest. Resembling a cereal bowl
that kid over there with the short bus has a CEREAL BOWL chest! hee hee
by shawna donkey August 04, 2003
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Another form of "serious" - similar to when people say "cereal" rather than "serious"
Person 1: That chick's a dime piece fa sho!

Person 2: Cereal Bowls!

by holidayxvii April 20, 2008
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The act of ejaculating inot a girl/lady friend's belly button, and then procedding to eat the milky goodness with a small spoon, commly used to eat soup.
Cody: Last night, Delila, let me enjoy the fine dish I prepared in her belly button.
Will: Damn dude, thats totally sick, I wished Sara would let me have a Cereal Bowl!
by Eat it and Love it <3 March 16, 2013
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