to eat out all the food
To consume everything
From the mouth of Triston.
Yo man Imma gone eat out all the pizza in 5 minutes.
by Stephanie December 03, 2004
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To eat her out, you must first tease her. Make it to the point where she is begging for you to do it. Gentle rub her thighs, kiss her in areas she flinches.Now check to see if she is wet by slowly opening her lips. If she is start to rub the clit very slowly and softly. Do some shapes like 'O' or '8' on the clit. Move you tongue down to her opening. If one hand is free, start play with her nipples/titties. Fuck her with your tongue. DON'T STOP IF SHE DOESN'T CUM. If and when, because you will be down there for some time, she will finally cums lick it up. Keep going till your jaw hurts or she cums 2 times. After you will have her in your palm. She will beg for more
Austin: I eat her out, lat night I almost lick her clit off.
Mike: Did you do the 'O' shapes?
Ally: hell yah
by hishister January 21, 2019
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To lick pussy in a very deep and thorough manner.
"Listen Johnny, If you don't finish your homework, I'm not going to let you eat me out tonight."
by Bob Sometimes September 04, 2004
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to affectionately lick a females vagina causing her to experience extreme satisfaction. If you perform this action properly, she may experience an orgasm.
I'm gonna eat her out so good and hard before we fuck.! She gon' be like, " Damn daddy, my pussy feel so great right now, lemme suck yo dick, Daddy!"
by yomommanikka January 26, 2014
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Oral sex in the vagina,

In basic terms licking a cunt.
Person A: I want to do one more thing with you
Person B: What then?
Person A: Eat you out
by dotoriton May 01, 2010
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To lick around and suck ones pussay
Laura he ate me out last night
Seriously courtney nobody Eat me out
by Dumbquestionshere August 26, 2019
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eating a womans pussy..... plain and simple

see crunchamunch
as I started eating her out, she started to moan.
by i-dont-know March 22, 2007
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