N) Ruler of gay butt sex
V) To become an enzyme
Adj) illegal
Hey remember that guy cleft. Yeah he was awesome.
by Cleft lardson January 23, 2021
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A crevice in the body. (or valley if you will)
Oh i'd like to see her cleft!
by Barry Neilson January 21, 2004
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“Ben you fucking cleft”, Billy exclaimed as Ben smeared his orange shit on Billy’s bedroom walls
by paedophilic man child October 11, 2019
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The Cresent Shaped Thumb, fore-finger and middle finger motion used in bedroom foreplay.
I clefted that silly Bindt / Raise the cleft signal to the sky Zelmen
by BruceGmarquesII September 16, 2010
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The point where the shaft of the male penis meets the testicals for the first time.
Ouch! The tennis ball hit me right in the cleft!
by GallonChallengeFail August 9, 2009
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Someone who lacks a chin. Their chin is either non-existent and their mouth leads straight to their neck or there is a slight dent with evidence of a shrunken or growing chin.
Yo, don't stand too close to Cleft or you'll catch the disease and your chin will fall off
by Nast-A September 29, 2010
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Used in biology and engineering to describe a divide, it is also a vernacular expression describing lady parts. See wedge and flange, among other carpentry terms. Popularised by the character Jeff in the BBC TV Series "Coupling"
You don't understand a word I'm saying do you? I've always wanted to do this.... Gusset. Breasts, thighs, cleft
by Dijital-JB October 24, 2005
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