Used in biology and engineering to describe a divide, it is also a vernacular expression describing lady parts. See wedge and flange, among other carpentry terms. Popularised by the character Jeff in the BBC TV Series "Coupling"
You don't understand a word I'm saying do you? I've always wanted to do this.... Gusset. Breasts, thighs, cleft
by Dijital-JB October 24, 2005
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The Cresent Shaped Thumb, fore-finger and middle finger motion used in bedroom foreplay.
I clefted that silly Bindt / Raise the cleft signal to the sky Zelmen
by BruceGmarquesII September 15, 2010
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a straight up skank, someone who gives up sex very easily.
"Most of the people down on colfax are clefts... but thats nice when you need some lovin and only gots 5 dolla"
by ikilledkenny21x August 13, 2006
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short for 'clear left'. In countries that drive on the left side of the road, it is what the passenger (who is sitting in the shotgun seat on the left side of the car) says to a the driver to indicate the way in clear from the left and its safe to procede,
Driver " how are we looking?"
Passenger "cleft!"
by Kraken November 24, 2006
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When one's boxers, shorts, or underwear rides up on you. There are three types of the cleft, a left cleft, a right cleft, and a middle cleft (the worst). A left and a right cleft is where your boxers pull up to either side or you testicle sac, and a middle cleft is where the seam in the boxers that splits the legs rides up on you up the middle seeming to almost split you sac.
Man, I have a bad left cleft
by Project Green Leaf June 02, 2006
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