A person with a severe alcohol/drinking problem. A wino has no regard for the quality of the swill he or she ingests, often becoming so incoherent that they begin to indulge in other vices they aren't normally known for such as smoking cigarettes or chewing cherry flavored tobacco by the tin. A "wino" doesn't care about their appearance and frequently can be found stumbling around shirtless and barefoot trying to start fights with passersby for no apparent reason. Any attempt to inhibit the wino's consumption only results in further consumption.
He used to be a learned Doctor but now he's just a dirty old wino who sits in the parking lot in a folding chair and drinks vodka until he fights his friend, throws up and passes out.
by JackieMoon June 3, 2013
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someone who props up walls in the street, drinking an unidentifiable drink (it neednt be wine, could also be spirits, special brew, buckfast or lighter fluid) out of a paper bag whilst swearing incoherently and dribbling.
sandy the wino sat swigging his special brew on the park bench
by kez January 14, 2004
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an alchoholic or someone who just loves getting drunk all the time
winos never get afraid of nothin but runnin outta wine
by asficididididi August 16, 2005
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one who is chronically addicted to drinking wine
I used to be a wino, before joining AA.
by SJ April 25, 2004
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A chronically drunk person, usually an indigent or homeless male, found sitting or lying on a city sidewalk (or in the gutter) with a bottle in a paper bag. Also, a homeless person who appears usually intoxicated.
Why don't you ask that wino over there if he saw the accident happen?
by Krzysztof1 July 11, 2011
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Alcoholic who believes drinking wine is justified because of its associated status among other types of alcohol.
"a glass of wine never hurt anyone", said the wino.

"its just a glass of wine", said the wino.
by men against drunk dumbasses December 17, 2009
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A man on the street with no home, addicted to alcohol for example wine or beer.
Julie step away from those streets, winos are living over there.
by angela, haaay [; August 14, 2008
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