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A person that doesn't mind or likes when a female is on her period.
He railed that chick on her period. That dude is a Bloodhound.
by dis1sikwidit July 16, 2009
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The act of a male putting his balls over someone's face making the face have droopy features (eyes, ears) like a Blood Hound Canine.
I totally gave a blood hound to Zak when he passed out last night.
by Jabod April 06, 2009
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When a man's nutsack hangs lower than the tip of his dick. Usually caused from hot/sweaty environments.

Associated symptoms include:
Package sticking to side of leg
Satchel flopping around when running or performing aerobic exercise

Great for:
Tea Bagging

After working out I had a massive bloodhound.

It was so hot the other day I was bloodhounding like never before.

I took a dump and whilst sitting on the shitter I let me bloodhound hang freely.

I dipped my bloodhound in cinnamon and tea bagged jason's mom. She loved it.
by bk24 May 02, 2007
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A man or woman who has the unfortunate ability to engage a woman in a sexual context almost exclusively while she is on her period.
"Dude, did you get another shot with her?"
"Kinda, but she was on her period...again."
"You're like a bloodhound."
by GinZona July 01, 2013
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A man who will, or likes to have vaginal intercourse or oral sex with a woman who is menstruating.
Mary: Got laid last night.
Lisa: I thought you had your period.
Mary: Yeah, but Tom's a real blood hound.
by PDK November 28, 2005
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Also known as the biggest retard in the world. A teenager who spends his life playing 'Counter Strike: Source', and being a total fucking smacktard. A person who has no friends or a social life, and who is hated by anyone who knows him.
Look its Bloodhound, the smacktard. What a fucking fucktard.
Oh no, Bloodhound is here to hack again.
Oh dear, we are going to have to ban Bloodhound again, what a fucking arsehole.
by Toothy January 12, 2006
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