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To take a brief nap. Ever notice how cats tend to fall asleep, wake up shortly thereafter, and then doze off again? Catnaps are referred to as such due to their brief and sometimes random nature.
Person A: "Say, is Heather awake?"
Person B: "No, she said she was tired and wanted to take a quick catnap.
by Mephianse April 05, 2005
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A short nap, which allows for a quick boost in energy.
James took a rapid succession of cat naps, regaining 15hp!
by John the Redeemer January 28, 2008
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Catnap is definitely not a short nap it's when someone kidnaps a cat
I'm going to catnap my friends cat later today.
by Koalacat June 19, 2016
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I love this calico cat, but she already has a home. I guess I'll have to pull out my catnapping kit to win her over.
by StopThePendulum November 25, 2005
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A short nap...during which feline fecal matter is smeared across an enemy's face to resemble cat whiskers.
While Aidan was napping, Nathan snuck into his room and with the help of chairman Meow Zedong, turned his afternoon nap into a cat nap.
by Derrick Submarine January 05, 2011
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A long, often 3 hours nap, often slept by one of older age, most likely a gentle man with his hairline receding.
My old man took a cat-nap, he never woke up.
by Popcornium May 15, 2016
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