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The literal translation is "medium, sorceress, or shrine maiden". It often crops up in anime.
"See that woman praying? She's a miko."
by Mephianse September 8, 2004
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Person A: "Say, do you have a cigarette?"
Person B: "Sorry man, this is my last Lucky."
by Mephianse April 5, 2005
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A synonym for booger. It's a more crude and derogatory form of the word, though. I believe the slang is originally from New England.
Mother: "Don't you go mining for green gold now, Johnny!"
Johnny: "Alright, ma. *picks nose*"
by Mephianse April 5, 2005
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Internet shorthand for "Got to go". Also, it can mean "good to go", depending on the context.
Good to go:
"Say, I'm heading out. You coming?"

Got to go:
"Shoot, it's almost midnight. gtg."
by Mephianse September 8, 2004
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The female version of NAMBLA. Don't let the innocent-sounding name fool you, they advance basically the same agenda as NAMBLA: Equal rights for pedophiles. Although, statistically speaking, female pedophiles are something of a rarity, so Butterfly Kisses probably isn't as big a threat to common sense as NAMBLA is. Still, most logical people will abhor pedophilia, and as such they will look down on any organization that promotes such behavior.

Some would say that EVERYONE deserves equal rights, even pedophiles, but I don't think that's a very rational point of view. The great majority of small children don't understand sex in the slightest, so they can't really consent to it. Besides, having sex (or attempting it) with someone at age 6 or so can lead to SEVERE psychological complications further down the road.
Person A: "Say, what's Butterfly Kisses? Sounds like a touchy-feely New Age thing."

Person B: "They're female pedophiles seeking equal rights, despite the fact that it contradicts the law and society's moral standards."

Person A: "They're humans too, they deserve the same rights as everyone else."

Person B: "They DO enjoy those rights, but fucking kids isn't one of them. That's deplorable. The child would undoubtedly be hurt and confused afterwards. Hell, a good number of serial killers were raped or had sexual advances made on them as kids and cited it as a mitigating factor in their killings."
by Mephianse February 19, 2006
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A particularly harmful cigarette. Unlike normal cigarettes, a black lunger is usually either unfiltered, or the cigarette is very harsh. Thus called because it's believed that, since they are worse for you than normal cigarettes, they blacken your lungs faster.
Person A: "Hey, I noticed you stopped smoking Marlboros."
Person B: "Yeah, I'm smokin' Lucky Strikes now. They're real black lungers."
by Mephianse April 5, 2005
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To take a brief nap. Ever notice how cats tend to fall asleep, wake up shortly thereafter, and then doze off again? Catnaps are referred to as such due to their brief and sometimes random nature.
Person A: "Say, is Heather awake?"
Person B: "No, she said she was tired and wanted to take a quick catnap.
by Mephianse April 5, 2005
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