A vicious fight between two women that features biting & scratching and often involves clothes being ripped off,
"Patty tore off Stacey's top and scratched her tits in the catfight."
by Rick March 26, 2005
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What happens when there aren't enough black guys to go around at the frat party.
Amber and Jenna are having a blood feud catfight over Toby.
by major_delmac February 28, 2005
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catfight: usually used to describe two girls/women who are mucho pissed at each other, and after a few girly insults they fight, normally by scratching each other, slaps, pulling hair, and other cliched catfight methods.

note: men seem to find these catfights extremely amusing. perhaps, for the same reason that lame college guys have a thing for lesbians. the reason, exactly? we may never know.
Tori: Rea, did you really hook up with that loser Ty at Carson's party? You are such a slut!
Rea: Don't be a gossipy bitch.
Tori: What the hell did you just call me?!
Rea: A gossipy bitch. Which is what you are.
Tori: *slaps*
Carson: Oh, dude! Chicks fighting!
Ty: Awesome!
by doesthatmakemecrazy? October 19, 2006
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when girls fight to each other phisically, usually in the same time, they act as a drama queen :)
the two hottest girl in the school burst into a catfight for the best looking boy
by EvaO October 7, 2009
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When two or more *nix shell scripters argue whether cat is necessary or if shell redirection will suffice (and/or is superior).
Admin 1: You don't need to `cat file | grep word` you can just do `grep word file`
Admin 2: Is it really more performant <eye roll>??!
Admin 3: You can do this `var =$(< test)` instread of `var=$(cat test)`
Admin 2: Umm yeah I accidentally clobbered a file when I goofed up and did `var =$(> test)`, I'll keep using cat
Admin 1 & 3: Noooooooo! It's a Useless Use of Cat (UUOC) !!!!1!1!!!!
Admin: How did this become a catfight?!
by brunerd November 30, 2022
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When two girls have a fight, without actually speaking to each other, usually through expressions, speaking to a third person or glaring at each other when no one is looking.
Did you see the glances exchanged between Ari and Daena over Leo? What a Psychic Catfight!
by TZer0 October 6, 2015
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The complicated excitement a man feels when seeing his wife (or girlfriend) in a physical altercation with another woman. The condition is heightened when there is the real possibility for intimate sensual contact between the two combatants.
"Hey come quick, Jen had it with your wife's attitude and it looks like she has Lesley pinned down. You might want to end this."

"Are you kidding?"

"Spousal catfight arousal?"

"Damn straight. I need a closer view."
by Cirdellin December 29, 2010
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