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A concise expression meaning "of adequate performance" without stretching to "high-performance" (especially since High Performance Computing has a specific meaning of its own). Unfortunately, in the modern language of hyperbole, terms like "adequate" and "acceptable" have negative connotations along the lines of "not really good enough but better than nothing". So, we, as an industry, have invented a jargon word "performant" to express the idea that a thing has a level of performance sufficient that you don't need to worry about it and can look for optimisations elsewhere in your system.
The JVM is performant.
by snookumz March 21, 2011
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Something that has adequate or better performance. Combination of "Performance" and "Conformant". Commonly used by Microsofties but not a real word.
"It's super super important to get that code performant before we ship!"
by Some Microsofty April 20, 2006
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Describes whether or not a system will perform under load.
Usage first appeared in magazine publishing industry.
Possibly made up by one of my system architects.
That VAX system was really slow until we overclocked it to 20MHz - then it became highly performant
by Kerry P March 22, 2006
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