while fighting (usually girls) pulling hair shows that you can’t fight
omg she was only pulling hair”
“she didn’t even punch?”
by don’t at me February 7, 2018
April 12th national pullhair daywhen niggas gone get beat for touching weave
Tiquisha: Shawn stop touching my hair

Shawn :That is weave not yo hair

Tiquisha: I bought didnt i

Shawn dont pull hair
by Weave lover 200 April 12, 2018
It’s national pull hair day , go up to any girl or guy and just pull their hair
lets go pull Emily’s hair , it’s national pull hair day
by Pullyourmumshair April 11, 2018
Hair pulling is concidered an act of sex; when somebody is being taken from behind, their hair is pulled. The giver will grab the receivers hair and tug whilst giving pleasure from behind.
It is another form of the commonly used 'love handles'.
An example of this would be:

A couple having sex...
The giver will take the receiver from behind and pull their hair whilst giving them pleaser. Another form of 'love handles'.

'I like a bit of hair pulling whilst being taken from behind'
by MaddieLeg October 4, 2006
Power tugging - grabbing and pulling the hair of your lover during sex
When engaged in any type of sexual contact i.e. Coitus, foreplay etc and your partner grabs and pulls your hair during sex, hair pulling during sex
by Joz100 October 29, 2013