Starting a fire through rubbing wood vigorously.
I jack off so hard to J Law I'm shocked I'm not catching fire...
by flockit March 14, 2015
Putting your hand behind your ass and catching your own fart in order to sniff it for yourself or put it someone else's face.
this dumb ass keeps on catching fire and putting it in my face.
by freshkc November 6, 2015
A more polite way of saying "go to hell".
Amy: You can't do anything right

Jenna: go catch fire!

Amy: I won't catch fire; I'm not the one who stole the money from Todd

Jenna: You'll catch fire alright; you helped me steal it.

Todd: Catch fire, you thief!
by zeoredd June 5, 2013
To gain momentum, to get well known rapidly.
After this kid made his mixtape, he is catching fire among the community and the music industry.
by Codenamee July 27, 2009
Catch a fire was Bob Marley and the Wailer's debut album for Island Records. Catching a fire does not mean smoking pot. The fire refers to the fires of hell, and the Marley song tells slavedrivers to catch a fire, or go to hell.
Slavedriver, your table has turned, catch a fire, you're gonna get burned
by wink-dizzle June 8, 2005