A strong girl who has a ton of friends who know's she's awesome though she may forget sometimes. She loves Tim Burton, Bad/Scary/Disney movies, listening to music, Batman, cartoons and scrolling down tumblr. They are all around fabulous and are usually the funniest person in the house because a party isn't really her scene. They are kind to everyone unless they're an asshole in which case she avoids them no matter how idiotic he may be. She may not be the happiest but she is powerful, smart, and she never splits her infinitives
"You hear bout that girl who beat out Martin Freeman for 3rd most fabulous person ever?"
"Hell yeah that Casie is thebomb.com"
by Ju-Fro September 3, 2013
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One of the most caring people in the world. there is no replacement for having a Casie, she is a person that always tries to make others happy regardless of her own situation. Attractiveness can be structured into two places; outside and inside. Casies' have both of them, they have a big heart and have the best intentions behind every action and are also the most precious people on this planet.
Boyfriend: I wish I had a Casie.

Girlfriend: Too bad you're stuck with a Kimberly
by BatmanTime November 14, 2019
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A hard working top class female who's priorities are family and friend's one of a kind!
Man your girl casie is one of a kind she really takes care of you and the house.
by Realtalklady June 19, 2018
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A Very Sexy Woman, Who is very nice to everyone and always knows the right thing to do. She always makes people have the most amazing feeling in the world regardless of how they are feeling in the first place.
by SexiMexi9018 December 8, 2008
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stylish, Couture, unique, indie, outrageous, confident, vintage, fashion mullet
'thats very Casie of you'

'she just struts around all Casie with her fashion mullet'

'you look very Casie today'

'thats something you would so see on Casie'
by CAS. February 28, 2005
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That wasn't very Casie of you.
(fuck Jose)
by Ashpple April 16, 2019
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A beautiful and smart girl you will ever meet
Wow she is so a casie
by Sjsjskzkks May 22, 2021
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