A British actor well-known for his work in The Office and his upcoming role as Bilbo in the Hobbit. He also plays John Watson in the recent BBC adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, and is made of kittens.
He goes fast.
Martin Freeman.
by brasshelix March 01, 2011
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(noun)-A hedgehog made out of Kittens, Jam and RAGE.
"Man, I really hate Martin Freeman"
"Fuck you, he won a BAFTA"
by The Webthropolgist September 08, 2013
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One sexy-ass mofo of a BAMF.
Fuck you, he won a BAFTA!
Often likened to a hedgehog.
Who's that guy made of kittens holding that pot of jam?
Oh that's just Martin Freeman....
by JAWWWWWN February 14, 2012
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Person:/ A middle-aged British actor, best known for his roles as Bilbo Baggins and John Watson. Freeman is a highly adorable man for his age, and he manages to make everyone who sees him fall in love, regardless of their age, gender, or sexuality. He has a knack for making sassy (some would say rude) jokes and comments, but it makes us love him all the more. Adj:/ an extremely cute and smol person or thing. Verb:/ To master something to the extreme level of becoming a god.
Adj: Look at that face, he is SUCH a Martin Freeman.

Verb: Damn, he Martin Freemaned it.
by Carbohydrate_caretaker February 24, 2019
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Martin Freeman is a British actor. Most people know him from things such as John Watson in BBC Sherlock, Tim Canterbury in The Office and a few other things.
Kittens are cute, Martin is cute, therefore Martin Freeman is kittens.
Person One: "I've got loads of pictures of Martin Freeman~"
Person Two: "Oh my god, I love Martin Freeman, he's kittens!"

So Martin Freeman is kittens.
by gottagetmyjam April 07, 2011
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