When a sexual partner with a micropenis becomes erect but still provides lots of silly sex toys as entertainment during coitus.
I went over to his house and he pulled a carrot top on me!
by Fix Your Board October 30, 2019
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CARROT-TOPPED: Is when a girl on her menstural period rubs her pussy on your head scalp after you perform oral on her..red wings.
Dick loved being "Carrot Topped" by Jane every time aunt flow came to town.

Jane loved to give all the boys "carrot tops" once a week every month.
by originalsinz69 March 7, 2010
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To lose a fight to a Ginger Haired male that used to be small/weedy in High School, but has now beefed up on the sauce (steroids), to become an even uglier looking Ginger, but with muscles and strength to boot. Said Beefcake lost all credits of being class clown.
"Wow, Chaz was so popular in school... I bet he didn't see himself being Carrot Topped by Schleprock Malone 10 years ago"

"Oh my God, that ugly fucking ginger haired freak was Carrot Topping that mofo!"
by Ginger_Lover March 8, 2010
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when a ginger kid, low rides so low you can see his pubes out the top.
wow ! thats dirty a ginger kid carrot topping !
by hamghetti... September 29, 2006
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1. To jump from Wikipedia entry to Wikipedia entry through related links until you've ended up on a subject completely unrelated to the subject you started with, e.g., starting at socioeconomics and ending at Carrot Top.

2. Similarly, in a conversation, jumping from topic to topic until neither party remembers what subjects led them to the final topic.
Sarah: "Good lord. How did I carrot-top from Lindsay Lohan to the Hanshin earthquake in Japan?"

Mark: "...and so obviously Kara Thrace was an angel sent from the one true God--"
Abby: "Hold it. Back up. We've totally carrot-topped from what to get for Beth's baby shower."
by illumine77 January 16, 2010
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