when male ejaculates all over a red heads pubic bush and, the male eats her out.
"hey babe can i give you a carrot top
by jankydank August 6, 2009
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a person with red hair(Also a term of adress.)
Take a hike, carrot top.
by Light Joker May 5, 2005
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kageyama: hinata youre such a carrot top
hinata: who you calling carrot top?!
by Fred L ero September 30, 2020
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A skinny dumbass who sucks his friend's cock, can often be seen looking at homes planning to bulldoze the homes to place sex dungeons.
by Haybale June 16, 2017
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where you rent a hotel room with a girl upon entering you get on all fours and she goes from behind. she sucks your dick from behind and when you jizz you fart in her face.
In order to finish off a relationship going sour i suggest you give her the carrot top
by mitch cumstine June 24, 2009
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Jacked to the point of resembling the current physique of prop-oriented 90's comedian Carrot Top
Jordan's boyfriend isn't too bright, but the guy is huge, like Carrot Top ripped.
by 2304 Nation September 8, 2008
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