Derived from dogging and also piking a carper is someone that speaks to someone on a mobile phone who is in the act of piking.

piking dogging ducking
Carrie innocently phoned Chris on his mobile, only to discover from his panting tones he was engaged in piking.

From that moment on, she knew she was a carper.
by Razzle August 21, 2004
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Carping or to carp; is when a fellow employee down talks you straight to your immediate boss to make him or herself look better.
Jimmy carped Brent by loudly making it known that Brent was ten minutes late for work, as a result of the carping Jimmy got the promotion not Brent.
by Mr. Sek C. January 11, 2012
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To throw up because of alcohol. From the Latin "carpe dium" meaning to seize the day. Whenever you carpe, you probably had a fun night (seized the day).
Man, I had way too much to drink tonight. I think I'm going to carpe.

Aww. She carped all over the hallway.

I carped last time I played Edward 40 Hands.
by kabooya March 07, 2010
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Getting catfished but it ended in a blowjob
I matched with this hot chick on tinder but she was nothing like the pictures. I turned that catfish into a carp and got a BJ. I got Carped.
by Tamar_Kaiz January 13, 2021
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A sex move derived from the shocker/barracuda:

Instead of two in the pink, one in the stink, you put two fingers in the anus (pinky and ring finger) and one in the vagina (index finger).

Named after the carp because it is a bottom-dweller.

"Betty was satisfied with the barracuda but feels more 'full' after the carp"

"To everyone's enjoyment free carps were being handed out"

by Reuben Teuge March 30, 2009
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(Noun) An individual who, in any given conversation, will not hesitate to barge in with predating knowledge of said conversation’s subject or subject matter. Often used to belittle others participating in said conversation or to attempt improved inclusion.

When coupled with an A-framepower stance” it is typically to reinforce alpha male status.

(Verb) To commit the act described in being a carp
While regaling John with a dog training incident from last night, Barry stepped in and carped me. He stated that he had trained dozens of dogs over the last month and in less time than myself. He then informed me that my techniques were ineffective and outdated, as well as clearly not how he would do it.
by Jonathan Smithington February 10, 2012
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A troll who jumps into a conversation without understanding the original topic and going completely off topic from the original intent of a statement. The person can also be described as performing the act of carping.

Where a Troll is derived from the act of trolling for fish, a carp is is derived from the Asian Carp jumping into the boat on their own.
I blogged a piece on how people's backgrounds influence their decisions but a carp showed up and went completely off topic.
by TheDevilInside November 03, 2012
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