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Derived from dogging and also piking a carper is someone that speaks to someone on a mobile phone who is in the act of piking.

piking dogging ducking
Carrie innocently phoned Chris on his mobile, only to discover from his panting tones he was engaged in piking.

From that moment on, she knew she was a carper.
by Razzle August 21, 2004
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Carping or to carp; is when a fellow employee down talks you straight to your immediate boss to make him or herself look better.
Jimmy carped Brent by loudly making it known that Brent was ten minutes late for work, as a result of the carping Jimmy got the promotion not Brent.
by Mr. Sek C. January 11, 2012
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Camping in your car.
I plan on car'ping across the USA this summer.
Did she take a tent or is she just going to car'ping it?
by wrkz4me May 24, 2016
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Carping, or to Carp, is to continuously express your love of the magicarp and collect all kind of merchandise and make a ton of fan art and basically fangirl over Magicarp every chance you get.
"Oh my gosh you'll never see her not carping, it's like magicarp is all she puts her life into".
by FooTheOdd January 23, 2018
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