1) Someone who is not at all sus.

2) True, rather than false -- i.e., "Carp" is the opposite of "cap."
"Carp's not sus, unlike Gurcsik, who may be sus."
"OK, class, let's go over these 'Carp or cap' questions..."
by JesuitsRule January 20, 2023

A troll who jumps into a conversation without understanding the original topic and going completely off topic from the original intent of a statement. The person can also be described as performing the act of carping.

Where a Troll is derived from the act of trolling for fish, a carp is is derived from the Asian Carp jumping into the boat on their own.
I blogged a piece on how people's backgrounds influence their decisions but a carp showed up and went completely off topic.
by TheDevilInside November 3, 2012
A Trashy Heavyset or Thick woman.

Often found lurking in bars; near or around closing time, usually very easy to pick up, but can also become very angry or violent when in groups.


They like to eat lots of bar grub, tend to be chain Smokers and consumers of cheap beer.
Dude did you take that Carp home last night, she was dirty.

Yeah Man, but she was the only thing left at closing time.
by Dropkick Johnny September 10, 2009
Depending upon the narrative, and other context, its to describe the norm / crapfest, and even of a person being querulous, for the most part, at which you don't need constantly. Likewise, it serves as an anagram for fishpaste from schools of bass-turds; the kind of primitive nature, resulting what pain or a drag it seems whenever a certain somebody does the unnecessary.
(distant grumbling in background) (Plankton's thoughts): "ARGH!! Why must I deal with these barnacles, inferior beyond my standard." "From Karen, the Goofy Goobers, the squid and worse of all: KRABS!!) *SIGH* What a load of carp. Everyone in a mile radius: Plankton!! Plankton: Heh-Heh! Words speak out then actions, right? no. No! NOO! Not the face!!
by JMHO May 20, 2020
Nickname of Hiro Nakamura, a character in the popular TV show, "HEROES." The name was given to him by Takezo Kensei/Adam Monroe because he said that Hiro's face reminds him of a carp's.
"You look like a fish when you talk. Like a giant Carp." "I believe this is mine, Carp."
by G-ZOD March 10, 2008
To "carp" a quest, or raid. Similar to piking, where a person does nothing yet receives the reward. First coined by "Tha High Council", on DDO Server Ghallanda.
Teezel (Rogue)- "Wow, Quonsky carped this whole quest again."
Petraeon (Paladin)- "Yeah, she's a real carper."
by Quonsky July 16, 2015