Something that society forces upon people, esp. nowadays. If you do not have a career, people automatically assume you are a lazy good-for-nothing bum. An unnecessary thing to have, and it's a shame that so many people spend all their lives aspiring to have a career. The concept is installed into most western children from birth, as their first twenty-odd years of their life is dedicated to "education", which generally teaches people to become "clever". Being "clever" means you will have a "good" career.

The majority of humans hate their careers, and up dying miserable. But hey, at least they paid off their mortgage.

Also, a pretentious way of saying "job".
"Careers are a twentieth century invention, and I don't want one" - Christopher McCandless:
by GenericPseudonym10621 May 31, 2009
ca⋅reer {kuh-reer}

1. A long period of servitude in exchange for operating capital and the promise of financial security and much needed health care coverage on release; golden handcuffs.
2. The mistakenly desired outcome of 16+ years of education.
3. An affliction whose symptoms are loss of life & liberty, general purpose misery, and resentment towards those who are unaffected.
4. A euphemism for 'professional labour camp'; these 'camps' are required to support capitalism's unsustainable drive for never ending growth.
Each of the professions means a prejudice. The necessity for a career forces every one to take sides. We live in the age of the overworked, and the under-educated; the age in which people are so industrious that they become absolutely stupid.

- Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
by Loki's Friend September 18, 2009
Funny how most people who call their job a career don't stop to realize that's all a Career is - just a really long job.
by JamesWeyand April 22, 2009
reaching ones peak/pinacle of success, the best you will ever do or get
He totally careered it with her, she's hot" " He careered it with you, he'll never be able to get someone who is the complete package like you
by PrettyPinkglitter November 7, 2010
Similar to a 'job' or 'work'... Usually means that you are stuck at the same pay level that you start with. No chance for advancement and someone else will pass you for a promotion even if they are less qualified as long as they know the right people (Or have the right parents/family members). Also usually requires a piece of paper that you spent thousands of dollars on which you will never make back. The only people that will give this a thumbs down are people that had their 'education' paid for by their rich parents... They are very defensive when it comes to the truth being spoken out loud... People screw people over to get rich, that is how it works...
Jack: Hey Daniel, what have you been doing with your life lately?
Daniel: Oh you know... Doing the career thing. (Usually means giving up your soul and putting up with a tyrants bullshit just to pay rent because things were never handed to you for free...)
by Jack Daniels III June 20, 2007
verb-In professional sports, to have the best game of life statistically. It is an important term in fantasy sports, since one guy having such a game can almost singlehandedly win your fantasy game for you.
I was down big, but pulled off the win when Shaun Alexander careered in the Sunday night game. He had five TDs in the first half!
by Big Dick's Halfway Inn November 26, 2005
Similar to job or work, Usally means that you are stuck at the same pay level that you start with. No chance for advancement and that someone else will pass you for promation even if they are less qualified. Also usally requires a peice of paper that you spent thousands of dollars on which you will never make back.
liberal arts career.
by mojo in sd August 11, 2005