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An analogy for the restrictions put upon oneself when they graduate from college, get a "career job" and a house loan.

You're living the good life, but you're stuck in a 9 to 5 world for the foreseeable future.
"Joe just got a job at Microsoft, so he and Sally decided to finally put a down-payment on that house they've been eyeing."

"Oh really? Sounds like he just put on the golden handcuffs. Want to bet on when they have a kid?"
by Pyrocat April 18, 2008
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This is where a guy gets to fist two chicks in the vagina at the same time while their urinating.

He is wearing the golden handcuffs.
dude1: you won't believe what happened last night! Two chicks came up to me and wanted to give me a double golden shower!

dude2: gross! .. so did you do it??

dude1: hell yeah! but I turned the tables on them. When they started the shower I ... lets just say I plugged the pipes and gave my self a shiny pair of golden handcuffs!
by rusty nailed April 14, 2010
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