the act of filing for bankruptcy every 10 years because your wife's spending habits and your insane lifestyle wont allow you to pay your bills or save for the future.
"Hey I heard you are filing for bankruptcy"? "Yeah our deathwatch} hasn't paid out yet and G has a new new G Ride and we needed some financial security to keep funding our insane lifestayle" "WOW! You're a loser"! "Yeah I know"
by AssaKammer January 3, 2018
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A BULLSHIT term most often found in the personal ads placed by insecure gold diggers!! this is a PARTICULARLY ignorant term, especially now; when everyone and his/her relatives are LOSING THEIR ASS!!

basically, a plea/expectation to be 'taken care of' for a prolonged period of time, in exchange for sexual favors. -not even the rich can GUARANTEE they are going to be "in the money" for ever and ever!!

'financially secure' actually is a good thing!, its' the same as the person saying: I'm an IDIOT!!, don't even bother answering this ad!! (-sign of a MASSIVE ego, re: looks personality, AND sex skills!!)
george answered the ad stating financially secure, being pretty sure he could run a scam good enough to CRACK THAT CROTCH!!

john had a large trust fund, but steered clear of the ads stating financially secure!

i saw financially secure in my toilet bowl after i relieved myself!!
by michael foolsley November 23, 2011
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