A small capsule used for recreational purposes, leaving the user licking their eyebrows.
The people at 954 use lizard caps, a new drug and lick their eyebrows.
by Lizard caps April 26, 2017
When a person comes out with some hot new drip and you tell him to calm down
Shhheeeessshhh. you need to start capping your nikes or someone might steal yo drip
by dripping cock May 31, 2022
Person 1: Bro did you hear about Jayalan

Person 2: Oh you mean the cap lord
by drewfromsoho February 21, 2021
Is to be a real authentic trapper with a swagger like meech , and a brain like Franklin Saint the true definition of and urban legend
We need to be like FSF Cap and them boys
Whole squad getting paid
by FSF cap November 24, 2021
A “Bottle Cap” Is a hood thot, meaning she’s been passed around. Word’s Origin Is From Tray Global
Boy That Shorty A Bottle Cap Folks Just Went With Her Last Week.
by Pedro Huncho March 10, 2019
A term used by people who don't know what "Poggers" means.
Dank memer : Bro, poggers
Virgin : Milk caps?
by shoppingkartman January 1, 2021