Any tattoo visible on the neck, face or head of a regular person who needs to work for a living.
Billy Bob did not get the promotion out of the stock room due to the "88' salary cap tat on his neck.
by cabin boy December 30, 2010
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another word for communism or "revenue sharing"
Non-Yankee fan: The yankees buy to many players its ruining baseball. Baseball needs a salary cap.

Yankee fan: Its not george's fault that people buy like 4 million tickets a year and that they have their own TV network. He can spend his money like he wants
by Exit_Light_Enter_night April 7, 2005
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Describes the limit of side hoes you can have. When you hit the salary-cap you have reached the limit of girls you can handle at the same time. To make room for a new hoe you have to dump one, also refereed to as freeing up cap space.
Linus: Are you trying to hit that?

Andrew: I wish but I already hit my salary-cap. I need to free up some cap space before I am able to take on a contract that big.
by BigThing69 October 30, 2019
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