A canyon is a tall, handsome boy, one of the most stubborn at times but almost always nice, he hangs out with everyone and gets friends easily. He hates dogs and cats, but loves flying bugs. This boy is adventurous and athletic, superb at volleyball, basketball, football, lacrosse, and baseball. This boy is considered psychic by how he can tell so much about a person with one conversation. He shows true dedication to sports, mainly basketball. Canyon's are really shy at first and then as you get to know them, you love them.
Friend 1: Lets invite canyon over
Friend 2: *calls canyon* "can you come over?"
Canyon: "sorry, I got to practice basketball"
by Canyons April 24, 2017
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A very loose slut esp. with a gaping vagina or in some cases, a gaping anus.
by Tainted Psyche March 22, 2003
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- good at hockey
- decent at tennis
- small

- gets beat up by toddlers on the daily

- bad at texting

- bad at life in general.
- likes to point out flaws constantly

- white.
Oh my God have you seen that guy, he's just like Canyon - he sucks.
by SZ2k17 March 16, 2016
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A unique period in the menstrual cycle, Justin Bieber being the only known woman to experience this stage of the cycle. It involves ovulation from the kidneys, rather than ovaries and can cause high distress levels, often resulting in an inability to walk.
Male A - "Dude, what's up with her?"
Male B - "I dunno man, it's like she's on her canyon"
by L33T no-scoper May 23, 2010
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A dirty fuck-boy who dates people that are younger than him.

His "type" is skinny fake girls don't forget they have to be younger then him. (A grade or two)

Canyon is rude and disrespectful and thinks the word "Autism" and "Cancer" is hilarious.
Canyon is a fuckboy
by Anonymous thot pocket March 26, 2017
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A women's vagina that is wider than a tire and deeper than a pool.
Did you hear that Linda has a Canyon in her pants.
by Gingerbread man 201 October 1, 2013
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