A cross between a stumble and a hurry-up. The effort made by people when trying to give the impression of hurrying up while walking without actually speeding up. It typically involves exaggerated leg movement, perhaps an attempted skip or two and an apologetic half grin while maintaining the same forward speed. Used a lot by people crossing the road in traffic.
Oh for goodness sake, get a move on, don't spend all day sturrying across the road!
by Barnsider November 26, 2007
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The best place on earth! Only if you live below the park! Above the park is chavs-ville and you are assaulted on a regular basis by chavs and midgets who like to throw Oreo biscuits at people.
Above the park;
Oh crap, Iv missed mah bus agenn! Ah wel, I'll just go ome and watch Jezza Kyle. Coz I'm from Stuzza boii

Below the park;

Oh dear, I appear to have missed the bus again. I'll just wait for the next one, I can't miss school! I'd give Sturry a bad name
by Stuzzagal July 8, 2011
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A woman from the English Village of Sturry, Kent. In popular mythology a Sturry girl will drink alot, fight alot and have indiscriminate sex (usually only with men from Sturry or the neighbouring village of Hersden). Even if she manages to move away from the vicinity (highly unlikely), she is deemed uncapable of casting off this type of behaviour.
Mark: Your girlfriends a nightmare!
Rob: Yeah, she is a Sturry Girl though

Mark: Oh right
Rob: You can take the girl out of Sturry but you can't take Sturry out of the girl
by Kentish_Explanations March 30, 2011
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