Canterbury is a college prep school in New Milford Connecticut. While many students attend Canterbury, the majority are either day students of boarders that decide to pay the extra money to live there even though they live five minutes away. The students at Canterbury attend the school (regardless of what they say) because 1) their parents have way too much money 2) They are retarded.
Canterbury is good in hockey and football. And that is about it. Athletically and academically.
My parents said they would get me this new BMW if applied to prep school. I applied to Hotchkiss, Loomis, Kent, Berkshire and Andover.

Wow! thats ambitious! Canterbury is your safe school i take it. Well we know you will get into Canterbury, i dont know anyone who DIDN'T get in that had more money than sense. No offense man.

Nah dude. its chill.
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A character of BBC's The Office who just turned 30, lives with his parents, and works in Slough at Wernham-Hogg paper company. Pretty much the only high points in this life of his include pulling practical with engaged receptionist Dawn (OTP!) on his annoying desk neighbour Gareth Keenan.
Gareth: In this room, I have special--
Tim: Needs?
Gareth: No, I am a special--
Tim: Needs child?
Gareth: No, and that's not funny!
*Tim and Dawn laugh*
by Jemma March 26, 2005
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so ya know those Canterbury tracksuit bottoms that only absolute fucking legends wear?
Well if ya do it’s when a sexy girl unzips the zips all the way to ur crotch, where by this point ur dick will be as hard as concrete, she does this on both legs and hopefully after she will give u great head
“That hot private school girl gave me a Canterbury strip last night, it was fucking great!”
Sounds awesome,”
by urnanswrinklytoes February 15, 2021
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A sub category of progressive rock started by the band The Wilde Flowers. Members of this band went on to form Caravan and The Soft Machine. The style of music mixes whimsical psychadelia with jazz inspired improvisation.
In the Land of Grey and Pink is a great Canterbury Scene album.
by The Ryan May 26, 2006
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PJ resides in his home in Sierra Madre where he loves to read novels are write poetry. When he is not doing that (24 hrs a day) he spends his time playing madden, watching movies, and drinking. He is always sure to hibernate at school though.
Patrick james, that dirty bloke, roots for man u. -seve
by Michael Owen!!! May 11, 2004
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This game is the most popular bus game but has alot of u13s and nonces along with it, so you should be careful when you play this game.
When you play Canterbury and District, watch out for them big nonces!!
by Eboy1237197 January 15, 2022
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