(Brittish Origin) Someone who thinks that they're really cool but they're really not.
Example 1: "Oh my god Bob is so chavy" "I know right? I though he was shmoom at first but I was wrong.

Example 2: When I was talking to Catherine today I never realized how chavy she was.

Example 3: Stop being chavy.
by Kings Court 2k17 July 25, 2017
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A boy/ girl that walks around school thinking they’re hard but they actually not.

A boy/ girl that always seems to wear designer/sport clothes, they usually wear Gucci,

Adidas, Nike, Under armour, champion etc...

A boy/ girl that doesn’t speak in full sentences, they use a lot of slang words.
1.“Bruv, who’s that guy over there?”
2. “ahaaa that’s Nathan , he’s so chavy
by bhad gurl January 15, 2019
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A term originating from Uxbridge, MA. Commonly used to describe the big dick freshman himself, Cameron Snay.
Are you haggin me chavy? Other forms include (but are not limited to): chavgod, chavalavadingdong, chavalicous, chavaronie, chavadavadoo, and chazin (in verb form).
by deeeeeeeeeznutz February 25, 2019
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upscale, tasteful, stylish, dapper, fashionable, elegant, snazzy, exclusive, sublime
Denzel's suit at the Oscar's last night was so chavy.
by Skcatsyvahc June 17, 2017
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(British Origin) A person who thinks they are really hard, and walk round wearing Donnay and skin tight jeans, and also tuck their socks into their shoes.
"I hate those Whaddon Chavies, all they do is go round in their fake crews saying, "Narrr, spark you clean!"
by Subhuman aka Jak July 9, 2003
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the romany gypsy word 4 child
romany gypsy women-'get dat chavi inside now!'
romany gypsy man-'wotcha' say?'
by x chavvy luva x October 28, 2004
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a really hot girl who is very introverted and shy but is kind of famous. guys love her
by chbshudh3ukmqojsuiswjwdde February 10, 2019
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