Alannis is a sweet, funny person. She likes inside jokes, but she hates surprises. You should never mess with an Alannis because she WILL BEAT YOU UP. If you are friends with an Alannis you should never let her go. Alannis is pretty, and she is not afraid to be herself. An Alannis can be a stubborn person at times, and she can be hot-headed once in a while, but she will always be there for her friends. She is a fun person to hang out with, and she is a very social person, but at times she can be shy. She laughs a lot, but at times she will be very serious. Alannis isn't afraid to break the rules, but she gets caught sometimes... She has her own style, and she likes to act weird with her friends. She tends to love animals, and she loves to cook and bake. She is very smart, and she is good at math. She LOVES music, and she can't live without it. Alannis tends to be girly, but at times she could be more like a tomboy. She seems like a brave person, but when it comes to rides... she acts completely different XD
Alannis's Friend: "Lets ride that water slide!" Alannis: "Ok!" *walks up the stairs to the water slide* Alannis: "Actually nevermind!"
by ihatelife57 March 5, 2020
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A beautiful girl who has an amazing personality and is very energetic. She is very shy but once you get to know her, she is extremely outgoing. She is very funny, sweet, caring, and artistic. She keeps her social circle small and has a lot of acquaintances. She WILL speak her mind and don't make her lose her temper.
Alannis is so beautiful, I wish I could make her mine.
by Star-crossedD June 26, 2019
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A gorgeous girl with a sassy temper. Women named Alannis have a beautiful, caring heart, but need someone to uncover it. The perfect combination for a lover. Additionally, Allanis’ are rumored to be great sex partners.
You ever met Alannis fine ass?
by Flamebot319 August 5, 2019
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An amazing girl who is beautiful inside and out. She is loved by all those around her and her smile and laugh are contagious. She is creative and a good listener, she's caring and doesn't give a shit about what anyone says bad about her because she knows its all false anyways. Not to mention, she is also amazing in bed.
Alanni is greatness
by Alover August 22, 2012
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Alannys is the type of girl that can either be your best friend or your worst enemy . She will love you and care for you as much as she can but she can take a hint when people want her to stop . She usually likes to jam to some sick music and you can just see how she doesn’t care about the world and you’re just wowed by her . She’s just wonderful and everyone should meet on of this kind .
Girl1: I wish I was friends with Alannys

Girl2: bruh she’s friends with everyone
by Sunflower19 January 27, 2019
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She's smart, cute, funny, and one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. She has has softest face, and the prettiest eyes and she deserves the world because of how much she dedicates to other people. If you possibly by chance end uo being with her, you're the luckiest person alive.
Ya know that sweetheart named Alannie ? Well I'm dating her.
by Prettyprincess5678 October 20, 2019
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Alannie is a sexy fine beautiful young lady. She is very smart and is a very good listener. Tbh you can tell her that you fucked your dad and she would supportive . She is a dare devil and her motto is “you only live once bruh”she will treat the fuck outta you so don’t mess with her man. She hates fake bitches and slutty hoes. She has some big ole lips and their juicy too don’t ask me how I know tho. If you get to date damn b your lucky. She reply’s quick and she’s always in bed so you know she’s an expert. Alannie is like basically a mix of no one because there’s only one of her duh bitch.
“Did Alannie tell you anything about me and Jorge?”
Nah b she knows how to keep a secret her mouth is shut”
by Diamond aka crystal man April 1, 2018
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