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One of the many methods men use to get bitches. It can be found in action on twitter 90% of the time. To use this method you simply have to go to a bad bitches twitter page, find one of their pics and reply with mommy and the baby emoji. Sometimes you can switch it up by saying "Me want milky". However this method does not always work and you have to be very dedicated to it. You have a higher chance of scaring the bad bitch then getting her and you will also seem like a utter maniac to anyone who doesn't see the vision.
"Mommy method going up tap in"
by Just another internet nigga January 13, 2022
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A roguetard is a person who plays the "sleeper hit" known as rogue lineage way too much to the point that they are too far gone. They can be commonly found in discord servers talking about how they got wiped by a ganker and posting rogue memes. Their favorite words are slurs and skill issue. They are very hostile and should only be approached with caution as they may wipe you with a inf combo and then say GG EZ.
"Dude look at ryan hes playing that game again is he ok?"

"No man hes a complete roguetard now."
by Just another internet nigga April 26, 2021
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You will find this mf in any popular meme pages replies, but they will always be hidden because of the rancid shit they reply with
Somehow escaping the electric chair this menace to society now bides time by calling white women online mommy and replying with the worst shit you have ever seen to twitter posts.
"Dont check hidden its a sabudovi reply"
"Thanks i was going to need eye bleach if i saw another one of that mfs replys"
by Just another internet nigga November 23, 2021
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When a nigga goes beyond to hate on a mf.
This nigga really talked shit on him after his mom died he a real hater
by Just another internet nigga January 11, 2022
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A item, thing or person that looks exceptionally poor and british.
"Ayo dog that gun be looking canterbury as fuck!"
by Just another internet nigga April 26, 2021
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