A term used in a boarding school at night after on beds and lights out. If in any case, your dorm is being loud, disruptive or naughty and you hear a teacher coming down the hallway, or you get some form of a vibe that one is coming, you shout this word to alert your dorm that the teacher is coming. It must be said loud enough so that your dorm can hear but quiet enough that the teacher can't hear.
Person 1: Guys do you want to go and dorm raid Big Dorm?
Person 2: Yes let's go now
Person 3: hears teacher coming CANINE!!!!
Rest of Dorm: Silence and fake sleeping
Teacher: Comes in with flashlight to check everyone is quiet and on beds, walks out of dorm
Person 4: All clear guys
Rest of Dorm: Resumes conversation
by Niamh's August 14, 2019
A tooth, your fang, bet you didnt know that....
Oh no i just broke my canine tooth...
by S Blackburn December 11, 2006
The mannerisms and characteristics that a specific dog exhibits, defining them uniquely
The caninality of your dog, Butch, is one of aggressive affection and absolute devotion.
by DAKster February 15, 2021
In S&M it's a practice in which the slave behaves as a dog: i.e. wears a collar and leash, eats and drinks from a bowl, crawls around on all fours, spends time in a kennel, etc. Woof!
Master Bruno and and his boy, Henry, were into K9.
by Henry March 11, 2005
Wanking off a dog until he comes. This can be done with one's own or a friend's canine. Unlike playing red rocket this act does not require the recipient to lie on his back. Also known as a houndjob.
I caught my Uncle Tony canining his dog until he came and made a mess on the carpet.
by jamilryu January 1, 2010
To speak with a dog or communicate with a canine.
My friend tried to caninicate to his dog Lucky to stay off the couch , but Lucky don't give a fuuuuuh.
by DubzXIII January 20, 2015