that red hot dog like stick that emerges from a dog's crotch. also known as the pink crayon or the pink lipstick
eww gross, your dogs got a red rocket, and he's dragging his ass all over the carpet.
by spanky March 21, 2005
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A dog's erect penis. It looks like a shinny hot dog sticking out of a wool sock.
My dog has been fixed but for some reason he still gets a red rocket when we have steak or grilled cheeseburgers for dinner.
by King Kai February 10, 2005
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A dogs hard cock ready for sex. My sisters dog has a bigger one than me.
And then I sucked its red rocket
by Willieboy January 25, 2006
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Known citywide as the Toronto Transit Commission subway (Canada). Red Rocket personafies the 'speedy' subway bearing TTC's red colours.
"How are you getting downtown to the SkyDome?"
"I'm riding the red rocket from my place"
by Andy Jenicek May 18, 2005
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fuckin a girl while she is on the rag.
i red rocketed your mom last night, and the sheets got stained.
by crooked August 02, 2004
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Someone who sexually arouses a male dog on purpose, causing the poor pooch to get a red rocket.
Dude, what are you, a red rocketeer? Quit rubbing my damn dog’s belly and making him stiff.
by brighter light January 07, 2014
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